Movie Review: Transformers: The Dark of the Moon

Lets take a chance with writing a movie review, shall we?

Well, I saw Transformers: The Dark of the Moon a couple of days ago and had entered the cinema hall with some expectations if not high. The film’s predecessor Transformers: The Revenge of the Fallen, was very much negatively reviewed by movie critics and as for me, well, I always did like the Transformers and really loved the fight sequences between  the Autobots and the Decepticons but the whole movie went from America to Egypt and they transported Optimus Prime’s god-knows-how-many-tonnes body all the way there? Yeah, that was a bit too much for me. Anyway, so I missed the first scene which is supposed to be all crucial to the plot but I think I made up for it quite nicely by watching the trailer.

The movie then goes over to the protagonist Sam Witwicky who has been out of college for two months and is looking for a job with his new girlfriend Carly (Rosie Huntington-Whitely). I was eagerly on the look out for his faithful Autobotic
companion Bumblebee but it turns out that the Autobots are helping the government somewhere in the middle east. But we soon see the Autobots there with some aweosme upgrades: heavy artillery shooting out of the cars with the Autobots gaining the ability to sort of half-transform and demonstrate their epic guns.  Anyway, Sam is in the hunt for a job and is going to some job interviews. And then, finally, an eccentric Bruce Brazos (john Malkovich) gives him a job. Throughout the movie Sam is heard saying that he wants to matter in the world even after saving the world twice which he reminds the audience many times. Other characters that are introduced are Carly’s boss Dylan (Patrick Dempsey)  and Simmons (John Turturro) who is now extremely wealthy owning to him publishing a book. He also comes equipped with a bad-ass butler (Alan Tudyk) with numerous skills.

I tried to explain the plot as much as I could without giving away crucial plot detalils so please pardon any mistakes. Now, the things I liked about the movie: Firstly, The action sequences have increased their level of awesomeness, a
breathtaking car chase was enough to prove this. In one scene of the car chase, Bumblebee is racing along with Sam in the car, Bumblebee then throws Sam into the air, transforms into the robot we all love, shoots some Decepticons, transforms back into the car and forgets not to catch Sam who is screaming his head off. The Autobots also have this new ability to sort of half transform in such a a way that they are still cars racing along but also have big-ass guns, shooting all the bad guys, propping out of the middle of their cars. Now, THAT’S epic. Secondally, I was happy that the whole party wasn’t moved to some far away place like Cuba or something. In fact, it was moved to Chicago which I believe was a good decision. Anyway, by the end, Chicago was a huge metal waste yard filled with the remains of thousands of human bodies or rather human clothes as most of them got disintegrated. Thirdly, the plot twists were extremely welcome as the movie seemed to be just going along its usual routine, but they were far too near to each other. What I didn’t like the movie was the sheer length of it. I was expecting a long one especially after its predecessors arrival which stands at a 150 minutes, but 157 minutes for the third installment is just too much too bear. The running time, I believe, could have been easily shortened as at many points in the film the plot dragged on with nothing of any major substance happening.  I wished that John Malkovich would have been given more screen time. Acting by the cast was very good except for Rosie Huntington-Whitely’s performance. One does not just go and talk to Megatron about ways and means, which she did do.

Transformers : The Dark of the Moon is a great movie if you’re into the whole Robots killing other robots thing, but if you are looking for a major plot then this might not be the movie for you. The movie was better than the first two, but I feel Michael Bay could have done a lot more with the movie and the plot but he seemed to think that filling the movie with numerous collapsing buildings, explosions and gunfire would be enough to appeal to the audience.


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2 responses to “Movie Review: Transformers: The Dark of the Moon

  1. Hey, what’s up man? This is Irtefa’s brother, Shassata. I’m glad we’re finally in contact as our sisters are best friends and all.

    Now, about the movie review. I think it’s quite well done. I’ve seen the first two Transformers movies and if it’s true that this movie not only has more action but is better than the first two, I will definitely watch it. I can see that you watch movies quite frequently so keep me updated! I need to know which movies to see and which not to see. By the way, I looked at your list of your favorite movies and I have to say that our taste in movies is almost the same although I have not seen a couple of the movies you mentioned. Anyways, keep it up! Insh’Allah, one day you’ll be a famous movie critic!

  2. Thanks man! Becoming a movie critic would be awesome considering you get paid for saying why a movie is good, what could be better than that?!

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