The Office Trading Cards

Once more, I am extremely late and I apologize for that. That being sad, I present to you a post in which I have put an abnormal amount of effort. Perhaps abnormal wasn’t the best word to use here.

However, inspiration came from the brilliant blog The Droid You’re Looking For!, more specifically this post. ¬†Originality is a trait I am yet to fully conquer.

The Office is one of my most favourite shows of all time. It is one of those shows that tears me up with laughter. I’m a little behind the shows ongoing plot. I just know that Pam and Jim got married and Michael left (sadness). The occupations of the characters are also not completely accurate. Michael is still the Regional Manager, Pam is still the Receptionist and Ryan is still a temp (to me he’ll always be the temp). So here are The Office Trading Cards:

The Front of the cards:

The back for the characters:

Whew! The Office sure does have a lot of characters…

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I'm 16. I'm gonna be super rich soon. So better start sucking up. Edit: I'm about to turn 18, there's still time for you to start sucking up. Just saying.

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