My Answers to the Houdini’s Magic Ticket Blog-a-Thon

There’s this site called Top 10 Films. It has this series of questions going around (well ,maybe not anymore) as  “Houdini’s Magic Ticket“. Basically, which films would you wander into if you had a magic ticket? I thought I’d take a crack at these questions. Forgive me, if my answers seem to exclude any good ol’ movies.

1. What character would I most like to be sat next to on a plane?

This one took me a while to think of but I ended up with Sherlock Holmes (in the middle of a case, preferably), the one played by Robert Downey Jr. God, I love that film.

2. If I were a cop who would I want as my partner?

Boom, Optimus Prime. Didn’t see that one coming, did ya?

3. What animated feature would I love to walk around in?

Seeing a full world of Monsters? That would be just plain awesome, but they’d probably disinfect me first…

4. What adventure based on earth would I most like to go on?

Becoming the One? Stopping bullets? Flying??!?! HELL YEAH…

5. What adventure based in an otherworldly, fantasy-based location would I most like to go on?

Easy choice. I had to mention Harry Potter somewhere.

6. What movie gadget would I love to try out (or steal)?

I had been thinking about this one for a long time. Ever since I saw Click perhaps. It was a close call for Harry’s wand as well but in the end the Remote won.  I could have used the remote in countless scenarios. And having fun with this would just be awesome. Waking up for school, pressing pause, going to sleep for a few more hours; assignment not done, pause, copy from another guy; Twilight is on, FAST FORWARD THAT CRAP!

7. What one film would I most want to be transported into, simply to be a part of that world?

Easiest question. But in the dream state, mind you.

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I'm 16. I'm gonna be super rich soon. So better start sucking up. Edit: I'm about to turn 18, there's still time for you to start sucking up. Just saying.

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