Needless to say, I’m really excited about The Dark Knight Rises. I have already published the trailer and a poster before. Now I give to you another poster featuring Catwoman:

I think the poster is very well made and presented. If you look real close you can see how much effort they out into this, the shiny sharp heel of the shoe with the little crevices on the side suggesting it could also be a lethal weapon, every crack on the batarang and especially how the little red kiss from Catwoman also buries the The Dark Knight logo in it. I cannot tell you how excited I am.

Another poster for the movie:

This one, to me, seems to be much more simple. This does not stop it from being a great poster, though. And the best part? They remembered to black out the eyes! SQUEE!

Another thing, or rather GIF, that I would like to show you is of Bane with rain and thunder pouring down on him:

I don’t know if this is fan made or what but whoever made this did a fantastic job. A truly awesome GIF.

Two banners have also been released and I don’t know if you’ve seen them or not so I’ll share them anyway:

I must hand it to the graphic designing time or whatever fancy name they have for themselves, they’ve really outdone themselves.

And I leave you with a still of Bane from the movie itself:

This overload of awesomeness will probably keep me thinking about the movie for a long time.


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I'm 16. I'm gonna be super rich soon. So better start sucking up. Edit: I'm about to turn 18, there's still time for you to start sucking up. Just saying.


  1. Hey, nice blog! 🙂 I can’t wait for the movie.

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