Sherlock Craze

I though it would be downright impossible for me to find a series that I would love more then Community. I did find one and its called Sherlock.

Any readers of this blog out there know that I absolutely and irrevocably love Sherlock Holmes. The Guy Ritchie films are near the top of my favourite movies of all time list. But with every episode I’m beginning to  like the show more then the movies (also something I deemed impossible) and by the season 2 finale, I do believe (gathering from what everyone has been saying) that it will overtake the aforementioned films. Expect an update when I have finished that episode. I love everything about Sherlock. I’m not even joking. I don’t have any criticisms, not one. So this post is basically a fan trying to find different ways to say how awesome this show is. Many adjectives to follow. The acting, casting, camera work, dialogue and especially the editing and how they worked with typography to tell the story, is all spectacular. The last one is what really appealed to me. How when a person gets a text it pops up onto the screen. How when surfing the internet on a laptop or writing a blog post, the text composes itself perfectly with the environment. A bit like Scott Pilgrim vs. The World. An example of which can be seen in this: Another thing I would like to expand upon, and what can also be seen in the above video, is the acting. It is absolutely phenomenal. Especially and obviously Benedict Cumberbatch’s who plays Sherlock Holmes. The quick analysis he makes upon the arrival of a body or a crime scene are some of the best fast moving scenes in the series. His otherwise erratic behaviour characterised in every adaptation is not at all absent and is done beautifully by the actor. Humour is also rife throughout the series, something that was bound to show up with Sherlock Holmes. A fine example of both acting and humour can be seen in this video: Something else I noticed was the superb camera work. The scenes are shot in certain angles. Very rarely is a character ever centred on screen. He or she will be either displaced to the left or right. All action sequences are well choreographed and fun to watch with great slow motion shots in some fight scenes. The background music used also greatly adds to the series. The somewhat usual banjo music used is fantastic for the theme of the show and gets perfectly accelerated when needed. Lastly, this is a modern retelling of the sleuth’s stories and beautifully it incorporates all the modern technologies such as mobile phones, internet and whatnot into the show. Not in any way has this made Sherlock’s job easier and it might just have made it a bit harder. All in all this is an absolutely brilliant show and it would not be very smart of you to pass up on any opportunity to watch it. The sad part? Season 3 is taking too long to be released. Awesomeness level:


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