A YouTuber I love: Vi Hart

Maths is not fun. Maths is not fun. Maths is not fun…… This is what I keep telling myself while watching mathemusician Victoria Hart’s videos but I know that I am lying to myself. Maths is fun in the world of Victoria Hart. She is a genius with a degree in Music and .. just knows a lot of maths. Her videos contain lots of doodles, squiggles, stick figures, songs and other great stuff. Continue reading



Wikipedia offers this for the term Tsunami: A tsunami is a series of water waves caused by the displacement of a large volume of a body of water. And this is what a tsunami is thought of around the whole world. However in Pakistan it means something different entirely. A tsunami is what will save Pakistan.

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Messing around with the Facebook Timeline

Notice the job details.

This is gonna be my last post of the year *snicker sincker*. Exams from 9th to 17th so another post is gonna be some time later then that. The post is most likely to be Community related.


Aaj nahi toh kab? Hum nahi toh kon? – Imran Khan from a 15 year old’s perspective

This is not a political blog and never will be. This is just what I experienced in Imran Khan’s Lahore Rally.

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Okay, first off, you should know that this is my last year of IGCSE and I thought ‘Why not put my life in further difficulties and give three exams early?’ As if giving them a few months later wasn’t bad enough. I cannot for the life of me remember why I opted for that but that’s basically what’s taking most of my potential blogging time.

Anyways, down to business. The Oatmeal is a really awesome site. It features some hilarious comics, brilliant quizzes and just plain awesomeness. Plus they are illustrated really well. When I stumbled upon one of its quizzes, I was hooked. I must have taken a fair number of these hilarious quizzes. I thought as a easy post I’d share my results with you all. Note the transition from Manly-ness to Sissy-ness. Continue Reading →

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