A while ago I posted this. It was a lot of fun to make and, in my opinion, one of my better posts. Plus, I loved going through all those great photographs. So, going along the lines of Hollywood directors, I prepared a sequel for you guys.

This time I got the photos from a lot of different sources. Some of these are from TIME, some are from The Boston Globe’s Big Picture and some I found by Googling. I’ve tried to keep the photos relatively misery-free but I’ve seen a pattern: many of the photographs highlighted are usually of war, sorrow and death. While going through these photos I could feel the goosebumps when a particularly violent photograph showed up. Since many of them are natural photographs  you can actually feel the pain the person is going through. An example is this photograph. The man is embracing his family after frantically searching for his son after the shooting in Aurora. This photo really gets to me.

On a less serious note, here are the pictures I’ve made. Also, this time I did not write the details of the photos because, frankly, I lost the links of the descriptions myself. Click here to see the photos.


Quotes & Characters

Quotes and dialogues are one of the fundamental parts of any movie. Without it a movie would fail to function as a whole. Equally important are the actors who deliver it and the characters they play. A masterful delivery of a line can be the difference between a blockbuster and a lackluster film. So I decided to pay homage to a few memorable and iconic quotes, beautifully delivered by some very accomplished actors. All of these, save one, are present in AFI’s 100 Years…100 Movie Quotes. So without further ado and in no particular order, here they are:

Click to see the quotes:


You know those black and white photographs with only a person or an object having colour in them? Well, I love them. And I recently discovered my obsession with making them. It really helps in bringing an object or person to the viewer’s attention. It ‘s almost as if you blurred out the rest of the picture. So I decided to take some photographs and apply the same effect to them. These photos are taken from 55 Famous Pictures of Time Magazine, some of them are really great photos and you should definitely check them out. The first one is of my sister, though. So for your viewing pleasure, 10 Photos with a little bit of colour in them:

Check out the photos:

5 Quotes from Duck Soup [Infograph]

Out of the few ‘old’ movies I have seen Duck Soup might be my favourite. It is one movie that makes me laugh so hard that tears are inevitable. Recently, I got to watch it again and I enjoyed it almost as much as my first time. I realized that apart from the slapstick humour, there is a lot of intelligent and funny dialogues present throughout the film. Most of which comes from the mouth of Rufus T. Firefly (Groucho Marx). So I decided to create this infograph showing 5 hilarious quotes from the movie. Reading the dialogues is nowhere near as fun as watching the movie so I highly recommend you watch or re-watch the movie.  It is now my plan to go ahead and see every single movie the brothers ever made and laugh so hard until something in my body gets injured.
See the Inforgraph:


Aha! Infographic made and uploaded. Check. The infographic below illustrates the things I would do in return for watching The Dark Knight Rises ahead of its release date. Its not possible and it’s not gonna happen but a 15 year old can dream, right?

Also, you might’ve noticed that I changed my header, this is in protest of SOPA. The rest of the internet is also following suit as many websites have blacked out today (like Reddit and Wikipedia for  instance) in an effort to show their opposition to SOPA. I urge you to do the same. Spread the word, or just sign up for strike. Everything will go back to normal tomorrow.

See the Infograph

Messing around with the Facebook Timeline

Notice the job details.

This is gonna be my last post of the year *snicker sincker*. Exams from 9th to 17th so another post is gonna be some time later then that. The post is most likely to be Community related.


The Office Trading Cards

Once more, I am extremely late and I apologize for that. That being sad, I present to you a post in which I have put an abnormal amount of effort. Perhaps abnormal wasn’t the best word to use here.

However, inspiration came from the brilliant blog The Droid You’re Looking For!, more specifically this post.  Originality is a trait I am yet to fully conquer.

The Office is one of my most favourite shows of all time. It is one of those shows that tears me up with laughter. I’m a little behind the shows ongoing plot. I just know that Pam and Jim got married and Michael left (sadness). The occupations of the characters are also not completely accurate. Michael is still the Regional Manager, Pam is still the Receptionist and Ryan is still a temp (to me he’ll always be the temp). So here are The Office Trading Cards: Continue Reading →

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