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I’ve wanted a header for quite a while now. Originally, my idea was to photograph a puddle of water to relate to the title but I changed my decision. Then, I wanted to draw a stick figure with a large speech bubble saying ‘The WetPuddle’ as a header but the scanner didn’t feel like helping me so I had to rely on Google Images and a free font. Nonetheless, I’m quite happy with the header, the guy and the font.

Also, there has been an embarrassing lack of posts over the days gone and I hope something (probably some movie review) is on the way. I would like to say I’ve been busy but then I’d be lying to my soon to be millions of readers.

Names (Further Explanations)


I told one of my good friends that I had created a blog.  His reply:

‘Oh Okay’

‘That’s it? “Oh Okay”?’

I must say that I was disappointed at his lack of jubilation. I didn’t actually say the second line but rather thought it. I wondered how to draw his attention at this very blog and told him the name of it:

“I named it The Wet Puddle…y’know the blog…..I told you about”

Pause. 3.45 seconds.

“Dude, I named it The Wet Puddle…y’know the blog…..I told you about”

Pause. 4.23 seconds

“Duude, I named it The Wet Puddl–”

“I heard you! You, my friend, are an annoying %$@!  -sigh- fine, why is it called Wet Puddle, then? ”

I explained the reason behind it and I started thinking, my soon to be millions and millions of readers will no doubt ask the reason behind naming my blog WetPuddle when not only is my blog not wet it’s not a puddle either. Hopefully I’ll add a picture of water somewhere here.

If truth be told, the blog name is completely random. You see, I had wanted to create a blog for quite some time now but was always afraid that if I did it would have a theme and a title which would restrict me to making posts based on solely that one thing.

How naive of me. (Let’s pretend the ‘i’ has two dots on it)

So I tried to come up with the most randomest blog name I could think of.  First off, I wanted it to relate to the username I had already thought of and was gonna use i.e. The Raftsman (I’ll get to that in a minute), but to no avail. I was also watching Scrubs at that time (Big Fan!) and heard Jo say something using the word waterworks. So I thought that that was a good name for a site, yeah it even has a nice ring to it. But it was already taken (Aren’t all the good ones already taken?). Soon I had tried various other ones ranging from theweirdblog to theblogmeister but all turned out to be already taken. In the end I took inspiration from another friend’s Xbox Live Username which was annoyingwater. And thus by a flash of genius The WetPuddle was created.

I hope you’re still with me now. Because NOW it gets REHHEEAAALLLYYY interesting <-sarcasm


‘Twas a midsummer’s day…. I was doing something which I can’t remember now. My brother was on his laptop (as per usual).  I was wondering (as I do), why the band R.E.M was called R.E.M. Further research i.e. Wikipedia, revealed that Michael Stipe, the lead singer, chose the name randomly from a dictionary.  R.E.M by the way is an acronym for Rapid Eye Movement. Gosh! What a name! I wanted to do the same and so ran to get a dictionary. I couldn’t find the regular one so had to settle for the Scrabble one (pretty close, no?)  I flipped through the pages and jabbed my finger at one of them. It landed on raftsmen. “That’s not a bad band name”, I thought “Yeah… The Raftsmen!” But instead of as a band name it ended up as my username. Riveting, isn’t it?

It’s always hard picking a good username. You can’t rush these things.

Why do you even need a blog, dude?

I have loved comics. Especially webcomics, since they are the most easily available. However, I wouldn’t mind getting my hands on a few physically touchable comic books however Pakistan is not a big fan of these comics but still, I survive.  My 27-year-old brother is a major help in this survival. He has a fancy job with a fancy title and a fancy salary in a fancy office near a fancy mall which does sell some of these fancy comic books. They are not in any order or organized or anything, and are probably very few in quantity (I guess, since i haven’t actually been there myself). Well, my oh so loving brother has bought a couple of them for me. Deadpool and the Justice League of America are the ones I have now. Both of these continue from their respective stories but I dont mind it that much. Anyway, i have completely deviated from the point of this post. So getting inspiration from xkcd’s stick figures I tried my own hand at making comics. True, the ideas were not always original or much too greatly drawn but I liked to think that they were a good start. Soon, my ‘must share with the world’ thing began  and so this blog’s idea came into existence. So this blog may or may not have any of my comics and they may or may not be totaly awesome.

P.S I should tell you that this post was written after many attempts. I didnt start from the beggining everytime but whenever i did try to write something intterrupted me. This is probably my sixth or seventh attempt.

T.S.P.S I put a lot of thought into my first blog post. Whether to go with the ‘Howdy World This is my first post!’ As if it wasnt painfully obvious. But then I would end up with a ‘I can’t think of  anything’ cliche so I decided to go with why a 14-year-old even needs a a blog.

T.T.P.S I feel proud for finally completing this post and cant wait to hit publish.

About TheRaftsman

The Raftsman is a Pakistani citizen who thinks too much of himself and likes to refer to himself in the third person. He decided to make a blog after he got an A in English. He enjoys reading and making comics, watching movies, fooling around on Photoshop and After Effects, playing games like a n00b on his Xbox 360 and cricket. He would like to be an actor or a film director as he likes to make films. His allocated name is Abdullah Shahid. This blog is basically what his mind churns out whenever it gets too bored. The WetPuddle will hope to contain his comics, stuff about movies and random blog posts explaining things he likes.

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