Back to it ..

Well the menus and the pages thing didn’t turn out too well so I’ll just stick to categories in stead of pages, seems easier. Hmm….no post for three days so hopefully there will be an update soon or maybe I’ll forget this blog forever and make a new one in a year or so. Anyway, one of those too, hopefully the former.


This Site is under Construction.

I’m trying to make pages and whatnot so a lot of weird stuff might be happening kay?

About TheRaftsman

The Raftsman is a Pakistani citizen who thinks too much of himself and likes to refer to himself in the third person. He decided to make a blog after he got an A in English. He enjoys reading and making comics, watching movies, fooling around on Photoshop and After Effects, playing games like a n00b on his Xbox 360 and cricket. He would like to be an actor or a film director as he likes to make films. His allocated name is Abdullah Shahid. This blog is basically what his mind churns out whenever it gets too bored. The WetPuddle will hope to contain his comics, stuff about movies and random blog posts explaining things he likes.

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