The Study Cycle (Comic)

Currently stuck in the loop. So you could say this is a true story.


The Internetz (Comic)


The title is a bit misleading, since the comic isn’t about the internet itself per se,  but this was the only way I couldn’t spoil the joke.

5 Quotes from Duck Soup [Infograph]

Out of the few ‘old’ movies I have seen Duck Soup might be my favourite. It is one movie that makes me laugh so hard that tears are inevitable. Recently, I got to watch it again and I enjoyed it almost as much as my first time. I realized that apart from the slapstick humour, there is a lot of intelligent and funny dialogues present throughout the film. Most of which comes from the mouth of Rufus T. Firefly (Groucho Marx). So I decided to create this infograph showing 5 hilarious quotes from the movie. Reading the dialogues is nowhere near as fun as watching the movie so I highly recommend you watch or re-watch the movie.  It is now my plan to go ahead and see every single movie the brothers ever made and laugh so hard until something in my body gets injured.
See the Inforgraph:

What the internet thought of The Amazing Spiderman [Pie Chart]


Fun movie, too. That is all.

Sherlock Craze

I though it would be downright impossible for me to find a series that I would love more then Community. I did find one and its called Sherlock.

Continue Reading eh, old chap?:

Terrorist! (COMIC)

*gasp* I made a terrorist joke. Please don’t hate me.

Click on the comic for a bigger and more readable version.

Balloon (COMIC)


Have you ever seen a more awesome comic? No?  I thought so.

Anyways, consider the last two months a hiatus of sorts. But come the 2nd of May I’ll be back and blogging regularly, hopefully.

The Thing I Hate Most About Winters (COMIC)

I don’t know how much more my butt can endure.

Also, got a new scanner! Quality of comics will hopefully increase from now on.


Aha! Infographic made and uploaded. Check. The infographic below illustrates the things I would do in return for watching The Dark Knight Rises ahead of its release date. Its not possible and it’s not gonna happen but a 15 year old can dream, right?

Also, you might’ve noticed that I changed my header, this is in protest of SOPA. The rest of the internet is also following suit as many websites have blacked out today (like Reddit and Wikipedia for  instance) in an effort to show their opposition to SOPA. I urge you to do the same. Spread the word, or just sign up for strike. Everything will go back to normal tomorrow.

See the Infograph

Popularity of the AnglerFish (COMIC)

This is probably the only time I had a post ready beforehand. So I give you another one of my graphs/comics, The Popularity of The AnglerFish.

See the graph→

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