Zen Pencils is amazing

This banner is like so Zen.

As far as inspirational webcomics go, Zen Pencils just takes the cake. With absolutely amazing art style and a great theme to go with it, I can go hours just going through the 100 or so comics present on the site. The premise of the site is that the guy finds a quote that he enjoys, or one that inspires him and he makes a comic with its own underlying story relating to the quote. Recently, the cartoonist, Gavin Aung Than, published one about Malala Yousafzai, the 15 year old Pakistani girl who got shot in the head and is one of the most famous figures currently. Seeing a fellow Pakistani’s quote turned into a rather amazing comic was the inspiration for this post and for me to make such terrific art myself. Wished to share a few of his comics with you guys Continue reading


The Study Cycle (Comic)

Currently stuck in the loop. So you could say this is a true story.

The Internetz (Comic)


The title is a bit misleading, since the comic isn’t about the internet itself per se,  but this was the only way I couldn’t spoil the joke.

An insanely thought provoking comic (by SMBC)

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal (SMBC) is one of the most famous webcomics on the internet right now. Many of their comics are really smart and well thought out but this one was really wonderful. Sort of puts a life into perspective, doesn’t it? I just wanted to share this with you guys.

Click to see the comic:

What the internet thought of The Amazing Spiderman [Pie Chart]


Fun movie, too. That is all.

A YouTuber I love: Vi Hart

Maths is not fun. Maths is not fun. Maths is not fun…… This is what I keep telling myself while watching mathemusician Victoria Hart’s videos but I know that I am lying to myself. Maths is fun in the world of Victoria Hart. She is a genius with a degree in Music and .. just knows a lot of maths. Her videos contain lots of doodles, squiggles, stick figures, songs and other great stuff. Continue reading

Terrorist! (COMIC)

*gasp* I made a terrorist joke. Please don’t hate me.

Click on the comic for a bigger and more readable version.


Needless to say, I’m really excited about The Dark Knight Rises. I have already published the trailer and a poster before. Now I give to you another poster featuring Catwoman:


Balloon (COMIC)


Have you ever seen a more awesome comic? No?  I thought so.

Anyways, consider the last two months a hiatus of sorts. But come the 2nd of May I’ll be back and blogging regularly, hopefully.

The Thing I Hate Most About Winters (COMIC)

I don’t know how much more my butt can endure.

Also, got a new scanner! Quality of comics will hopefully increase from now on.

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